Alex Johnson

I'm a Software Engineer. Specializing in Javascript, User Experience, ReactJS & AngularJS. I have experience leading small teams to design web apps, find their market fit, and develop experiences that win over users. Graduated from Northeastern University with a degree in Computer Science & Interactive Media. When not writing Javascript, I'm biking around Boston, eating Thai food, or playing Ultimate Frisbee.

Work Experience

Head of Product 2017-2018


CultureHQ is an early-stage startup creating software for organizations to empower and measure their workplace culture and community through leveraging shared interests, events, and activities. I led the front-end development of the React (Redux, ES6) web application from concept to release. I followed agile processes to validate, estimate, and deliver features through weekly sprints

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Software Engineer 2016-2017


NightPro is a venue management platform for nightclubs, lounges, bars and restaurants. NightPro offers a cross platform solution for event management, ticketing, guestlists, and fraud detection. I implemented reporting features for clients, created the brand style guide, and wrote and coded - increasing the conversion rates of organic visitors-to-leads by 200%. I also improved the load time of our consumer purchasing widget by over 500%.

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Lead Web Developer 2014-2017


Tablelist is real time online reservation platform for nightlife events and venues. As the seventh employee on the team, I built and shipped As the lead web developer, I invested the next three years into improving the features, user experience, SEO and conversion rates on the site. During my time, 1.7 million browser sessions created transactions for over $9.1 million dollars of revenue. Organic SEO traffic increased by over 300%, and conversion rates by 15% in the last year alone.

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Software Engineer 2008-2014

Texture Technologies

Texture Technologies distributes and supports high precision testing equipment for research and quality assurance. I have worked with Texture Technologies for a few years, creating and updating their website, filming training videos, and creating web solutions for training content.

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Web Developer 2013


EverTrue is a Boston Startup building solutions for Alumni Networks and Academic Fundraising. As one of two web developers, I built and improved a backbone.js-powered client self service tool to support automation of mobile app building and maintenance. Focused on browser compatability and responsive design, as well as implementing hubspot e-mail templates and custom landing pages.

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Solo Developer 2015

Swarm Navigation

This project was inspired by Craig Reynold’s work emulating the behaviour of organic creatures and the crowd dynamics of flocking behaviour. The goal of this project was to implement Reynold's algorithms in a way that users could interact with flock dynamics.

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Lead Developer 2015

Interactive Media Capstone

Utilizing Leaflet.js and D3.js, this projects builds interactive maps of GPS and Geolocation data. Our goal was to provide a visualization that helps users understand Boston. The data sets chosen will help to build an understanding of a living city. Users will gain a better understanding as to the layout, cultural differences, and changes in user behaviour between different areas of the city.

Lead Developer 2014

Game Player Behaviour

The goal was to create a web-based tool that allows complex visualizations and analyses of player behavior in a virtual environment. G-Player aims to provide the Northeastern Game Department with the ability to run data visualization on big-data queries to identify player behaviour trends between personality types. As the lead developer, I lead a team of 5 students over the course of 6 months to design and implement a working prototype. The Northeastern Game Department hired two full time developers to continue my work on this project, as well as taking initial steps to file patents on the technology and design.

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Best of Photography

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Travel & Landscape

South Africa & Botswana

A few photos from South Africa and Botswana. In 2016, I spent a few weeks in Cape Town, South Africa, as well as the Okavango Delta in Botswana. With a quick pass through Istanbul

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Travel & Landscape


A collection from Thailand. In 2015, Jackson Fields and I spent a month traveling around Thailand. Destinations included Bangkok, Ayuttaya, Khao Sok National Park, Phuket, Ko Samui, and Siem Reap in Cambodia.

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Performance Art

Fire Performance & Dance

When practicing club juggling, I came into acquaintance with a number of circus performers. Part of their act was mixing elements of fire performance such as fire breaking, and spinning with more traditional forms of dance and Poi.

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