CultureHQ is an early-stage startup creating software for organizations to empower and measure their workplace culture and community through leveraging shared interests, events, and activities.

The Story

Company Culture

A strong community in the workplace is the driving force behind a great company culture. It is the top reason employees are engaged and stay longer at their company. CultureHQ aims to help manage and measure workplace community. Our goal was to help companies build meaningful connections between their employees through their shared interests, events, and activities. In turn, employees are happier, more engaged, and don't want to leave.

My Work

Head Product Development

I led the front-end development of the React (Redux, ES6) web application from concept to release. I followed agile processes to validate, estimate, and deliver features through weekly sprints

Responsibilities including managing the every-changing product roadmap, including new features and UI/UX improvements. Taking into consideration changing busines priorities, customer feedback, and usage metrics. I led a number of product-market-fit initiatives, including scenario-based prototype testing, remote UI testing, and 1-on-1 interviews with customers.