EverTrue is a Boston Startup building solutions for Alumni Networks and Academic Fundraising. EverTrue is the only platform that combines institutional data with social insights to help advancement teams engage constituents and maximize giving potential.

The Story

Using Technology to Leverage Alumni Networks

When I was working at EverTrue, our primary product was the “EverTrue Alumni Community”. When students graduate from university, they have an incredible network of first and second degree connections via social and academic relations.

These networks provide value in a number of ways. Whether it’s in the job search & hiring process or discovering recommendations and accommodations in new cities - graduates often leverage their alumni networks. However these networks grow weaker over time. As connections move, change phone numbers, invest more in their professional networks - many graduates see the quality and value of their academic networks deteriorate.

How can we leverage technology to make sure that graduates get the most lasting value out of their alumni networks. This was the goal of the EverTrue Alumni Community app.

EverTrue Alumni Community is the easiest way to connect with classmates and peers wherever you are in the world. By deeply integrating with LinkedIn, EverTrue supports career networking and relationship building in a modern, location-based platform.

My Work

Internal Tools

While working at EverTrue, I focused on their admin portal, a set of web tools for data management, and empowering university alumni offices to customize their white-labeled community app.

I also worked on a number of marketing tool. The most prominent being the “LinkedIn Grader” - a web app which used an individual's LinkedIn authentication to rate the strength and freshness of their own profile and groups on LinkedIn in comparison to the group of similar users.

We also made a customizeable FitBit leaderboard, leveraging the (not-yet-public) FitBit API for an in-office step count competition.

EverTrue is now focused on software for advancement officers and prospect research employees at universities. They’re goal is to help identify key individuals that have seen success due to their alumni networks, and initialize conversations about giving back to the school. Read more at evertrue.com