NightPro is a venue management platform for nightclubs, lounges, bars and restaurants. Whether it is event management, tracking customers, or organizing staff and promoters, NightPro offers a cross platform solution to maintaining accurate and up to date information for your venue and your staff.

The Story

Built for Industry

NightPro was born in Miami. Built for the managers and hosts of nightclubs and lounges, NightPro aimed to replace clipboards as the go-to tool for tracking inventory and customers.

Publish upcoming events, sell tickets and sell tables directly from your website. Control ticket pricing and table availability in real time. Use the customer CRM to identify repeat customers, and maintain their history and preferences across venues. Reserve table locations, and access inventory availability in real time.

Within 3 years, NightPro has helped to manage over $250,000,000 in reservations and over 4 million guests across 10 countries and 22 cities.

In 2016, NightPro joined Tablelist to connect venue and patrons to the most incredible nightlife experiences around the world.

My Work

Software Engineer and UX Design

I worked to build integrations between the NightPro management platform, and consumer facing experiences. By creating a number of drop in plugins (“widgets”), our partners could provide real time data and pricing to potential customers - allowing customers to purchase tickets and tables directly from the venues website.

Consumers no longer had to call the venue or wait on the response from "request forms". Venues could utilize their staff more effectively - freeing up their internal support staff. Pre-paid reservations helped venues to accurately account for their occupancy and reservations - reducing wasted inventory and reservation no-shows.