Tablelist is real time online reservation platform for nightlife. As a Boston-based startup, Tablelist creates native mobile and web apps for consumers to discovering events, and customize reservations at nightclubs, lounges, bars, restaurants and festivals across the US.

The Story

Can we leverage tech to improve the experience of “Going Out”?

Where’s the best event tonight? Will the venue be empty when I get there? How long will I need to wait in line? How expensive will my tab be? We aimed to build consumer solutions to make the late night experience less stressful, more efficient and more transparent.

Tablelist started as a marketplace for surplus VIP tables. VIP Tables (“Bottle Service”) is an offering at most Nightclubs where a group of guests are given the ability to skip the line, no cover charge, as well as a dedicated seating area and server if they are willing to pre-pay their bar tab.

A niche market.

So, we started to expand our ticketing platform. Within the year, our platform could represent nightclubs and lounges for all guest reservations and payment processing. Before we knew it, we were competing with the likes of Eventbrite and TicketMaster.

As we expanding to New York City and Washington D.C, adding features such as the ability to pay cover charge, and request custom reservations. Tablelist began to expand our consumer offers and form partnerships with a variety of venues - including additional lounges, late night restaurants, and music festivals.

My Work

Starting from the Kitchen Table

There was a time, where our founding team was working full time from the founder’s kitchen table. Nothing more than our personal laptops, and a vision written over whiteboards.

I built out our admin portal. An Angular.js app for data management, marketing, and user behavior tracking. We had to provide the tools and the data to a sales and marketing team whose target demographic was an industry that doesn’t sleep.

Employee #7

Lead Web Developer

I built and shipped our website within six months. We were now a cross-platform discovery and reservation platform.

In 2016 we acquired NightPro, a venue management software. This added tools to our ecosystem, empowering our venue partners to manage their inventory and market themselves in real time.

Tags: Javascript, Angular, Bootstrap, CSS3, Gulp, Node.js, Express, D3.js, MongoDB, CSS3, Grunt