Texture Technologies distributes and supports high precision testing equipment for research and quality assurance. As the leader in texture analysis instruments, Texture Technologies supports major universities, fortune 500 companies, and the major players in the food science and pharmaceutical industries.

The Company

Hardware for Food / Pharmaceutical Research & Development

From meeting compliance requirements in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries to achieving quality standards in foods and medical devices, clients trust Texture Technologies to provide them with product testing solutions that make their job easier and deliver reliable texture analysis. Their comprehensive line of materials testing solutions measures the composition, performance and market viability of thousands of adhesives, films, gels, and powders as well as building materials and electronics products.

The Challenge

Cross-Industry Support

TextureTechnologies.com is the product website for Texture Technologies - featuring instrument details, company blog, catalogue of attachment probes and accessories, and hundreds of industry-specific available application studies.

How do you create a marketing and product website that accurately reflects the abilities of a company offering modular testing solutions to solve thousands of industry specific unique production problems.

My Work

Software Development and Photography

I have worked with Texture Technologies for a few years, providing assistance with updating their website, filming training videos, and creating web solutions for content distribution.

I have also collaborated to film tutorial videos for companies such as the Wheat Marketing Center, in Oregon, and to film the tutorials for their hardware and software. I constantly manage the content and design of their main website: TextureTechnologies.com